On Monday, November 10, 2014, Flags for Fallen Military took a giant step toward honoring all American fallen heroes and their loved ones. An updated logo and brand was launched to speak to fallen heroes and their families through symbolic colors, images and phrases.

The logo and seal were created to represent every branch of the military, with each color representing a different branch. The logo font is called Liberation and is meant to represent traditional US government fonts.


7-1-2014_Flags for Fallen Military Logos_Text Logo - Liberation & Pristina
The gold star is to represent the fallen heroes. Traditionally, a family would receive a flag with a blue star on it in honor of their hero’s deployment. If the hero was killed in action, the family would receive a new flag with a gold star placed over the blue star. When the tagline freedom is earned is used in the logo, the font is in blue to represent that Flags for Fallen Military serves both gold star and blue star heroes.








7-1-2014_Flags for Fallen Military Logos_Seal 1 - Gold & Blue

The seal takes this concept a step further by including both stars around the globe to honor the sacrifices that were made by our military worldwide.

To honor each fallen hero with a permanent flag pole, and flown American flag, costs $320. Whether you are able to sponsor the full $320 for the materials, or a single dollar, any financial support to honor our heroes is appreciated. Help us honor all American heroes by donating today.