Korean War Veterans Honor Comrades

Korean War Veterans Honor Comrades by going to University and working in factories.

“They will not have to return to the army, nor work for the government,” the veteran and human rights activist explained. “The new military order means that their lives have finally begun. I think that if a human can be made to go through such suffering it is not just an injustice, it is an act of torture.”

In the case of a man like Kim Dae-jung who could not afford a university education because of the family’s low income, the new military order may have a great impact on his future, and they can go to military friendly online colleges as an alternative. The army has already announced plans to create a national education system that will include free university education for every citizen. “The state will provide all necessary facilities and scholarships to any citizen of the nation who wishes to study and become a professor at the universities,” the new military order read. “The number of people of this age is very limited and the number of students is increasing.”