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Flags For Fallen Military (FFM) was formed in the summer of 2006. The idea and development of FFM was to honor our fallen heroes by providing families the option of placing an American Flag in honor of their son’s or daughter’s sacrifice.

FFM was developed and initially operated and run solely by the Larson Family. David C. Larson is Founder, Executive Director. While David did not serve in the military, he was raised in a military family and felt compelled to do something, so the dream was penciled out. Several wonderful suppliers and donors have made this dream come true. Many families have received a flag from FFM. The rewards of running FFM are endless; the Larson’s and other volunteers have met and continue to meet wonderful people and families.

FFM has additional placements arranged. To date any family whose hero has perished may receive the formal flag offering letter. This is the only contact with the families; it is up to the family to contact the program if they wish for a flag and flagpole in memory of their deceased son, daughter or family member. The placement of the flagpole, size and timing are determined by the families.

FFM is a VERY rewarding program, with many people donating their time. The Larson’s are committed to continuing FFM until all families, who choose to be recognized, receive their commemorative flags to honor their fallen heroes. Truly there is no-end to Flags For Fallen Military; Flags will continue to be placed as long as there are requests from the families.

Fund raising efforts have been focused on USA based businesses, foundations and personal donations from friends, family and the general public.

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Without your donations we can’t keep going!

First, we appreciate your interest in supporting Flags For Fallen Military financially. Please know that every penny collected through these donations goes to support the purchase and installation of the flags honoring our fallen heroes and the required supporting logistical functions. No person involved with this endeavor receives compensation for their efforts.

If you would like more information concerning the 501 C3 status of the organization, please contact David Larson at 888-616-3420. With this number, you can contact David directly, leave a voice message, or send a fax. David can be contacted by e-mail at dlarson@flagsforfallenmilitary.org.

Note that since Flags For Fallen Military is a registered 501 C3 charitable organization your donations are 100% tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your donation as, without you, it would not be possible to place a flag for each and every one of our fallen military heroes.

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respect. honor. sacrifice.

Fallen Military is dedicated to placing an American Flag in honor of each fallen hero in remembrance of the price paid to keep our country free.

We are asking you to PAY IT FORWARD. Please help us honor our brave men and women who have fought and died for our freedom. Help us show the families the respect and appreciation that their loved ones deserve….because of them we are free to live out our dreams.

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